Volume I, Issue 2: January 2009
Eye on ‘Eaters

Eye on ’Eaters

What's in a name?

Nancy Brown, research office manager for the National Children's Study, UC Irvine Child Development Center in Pediatrics, asks:

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Why do you call your online magazine ZotZine?

ZotZine replies:

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Student Ashlee Whitehead suggested the name in response to a call for ideas on what to call UCI's new e-magazine. Zot refers to the noble tradition of the anteater. Here, from an article we did on UCI traditions, is the back story.


Zot! - the Anteater athletics war cry


Johnny Hart's “B.C.” comic strip anteater made the “zot” sound when his long sticky tongue zeroed in on prey. UCI students adopted the “Zot!” cheer in October 1965 - even before the anteater became the official school mascot.


The spirited tradition is very much alive with the CIA (Completely Insane Anteaters) - a zany student group whose members wear bright gold T-shirts and passionately cheer Anteater sports teams to victory. Campus activities and services, from the Career Center’s job listing portal (Zotlink) to the campus newswire (Zot!Wire), have incorporated the rallying cry. Even the recycling crew participates by painting on the sides of trucks: “Recycling: Give it your best Zot!”

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