Volume I, Issue 4: March 2009
Eye on ‘Eaters

Eye on ’Eaters

You know you're an 'Eater when...

  • Your fingers are fixed in the Rip 'Em 'Eaters hand signal.
  • You think snouts, particularly long ones, are surprisingly underrated.
  • The chocolate on chocolate-covered ants just gets in the way.
  • "Fear the snout!" is your mantra.
  • You're a member of the real CIA.
  • Your baby's first word is "Zot!"
  • You take a nap at the Student Center. — Sarah Bana, third-year quantitative economics major and one of Peter's People.
  • College football doesn't matter anymore. — Stephen Marley, third-year sociology major and women's studies minor, and one of Peter's People.
  • Your baby's first toy is a stuffed anteater.
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