Volume I, Issue 6: May 2009
Eye on ‘Eaters

Eye on ’Eaters

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Readers Respond

Breath of fresh air

What a breath of fresh air this publication is! I'm reading it thoroughly and finding news and stories that make our university come alive. I have even e-mailed the link to a friend (well, she's my sister) at an East Coast university as an example for them.

Truly, ZotZine has a vigor that I've not seen in my 16 years at UCI. I'm a writer (and former editor) myself, and I thrive on good publications. With this one, we've got it going on. Brava! Your publication really stands out.

— Katie P.

A Nobel Prize winner … with childish glee in his eyes

I just finished reading the article on F. Sherwood Rowland (“Perfect chemistry,” February 2009).

I took his beginning chemistry class in 1965-66. Yes, I was in UCI's charter class (a 1969 grad).

I use Rowland as an example of someone who truly loves his field.

I often tell the story of him showing us a candle burning, extinguishing it, then holding a flame to the gases emitting from the wick — poof, it lit back up! He was so excited. He did the experiment over and over, like a little kid.

When ozone is mentioned or I see a pressurized can at the store, I remember that a Nobel Prize winner showed me a candle experiment with childish glee in his eyes.

Thank you for letting him know that he inspired a non-chemistry major to find a profession that I could love.

— Ed Taylor, administrator, Eye & Ear Clinic of Wenatchee, Wash.

What the Young Adult Cancer Program is all about

Just wanted to say great job on the ZotZine article and video (“Fighting for their lives,” April 2009). I'm very impressed. You really captured the essence of what the Young Adult Cancer Program is all about. Thanks for the good work.

— Dr. Leonard Sender, director, Young Adult Cancer Program, UC Irvine Medical Center