Volume II, Issue 7: April 2010


Novel stroke treatment passes safety stage

Dr. Steven C. Cramer
Dr. Steven C. Cramer says patients exhibited no ill effects from a new treatment for stroke.

A clinical research trial of a new treatment to restore brain cells damaged by stroke has passed an important safety stage, according to Dr. Steven C. Cramer, the UCI neurologist who led the effort. Fifteen patients underwent the nine-day treatment, which encourages the creation of neurons in stroke-damaged areas of the brain. After three months, most had minimal or no disability, and no safety concerns were noted.

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Helping the obese weigh their options

Dr. Ninh T. Nguyen and surgeons perform bariatric surgery
Lead study author Dr. Ninh T. Nguyen (right) and other gastrointestinal surgeons at UC Irvine Medical Center perform as many as 200 bariatric procedures annually.

To bypass or band? That's the choice facing the growing number of obese Americans opting for bariatric surgery. A recent study by UC Irvine Medical Center surgeons compared the outcome, cost and quality of life of gastric bypass and gastric banding, the most common procedures. Both were found to be safe and effective — but gastric bypass resulted in better weight loss. The downside? Bypass patients had more complications.

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Learning keeps the brain healthy

UCI neurobiologists are providing the first visual evidence that learning promotes brain health — and, therefore, that mental stimulation could limit the debilitating effects of aging on memory and the mind. Using a novel visualization technique they devised to study memory, a research team led by Lulu Chen and Christine Gall found that everyday forms of learning animate neuron receptors that help keep brain cells functioning at optimum levels.

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