Volume III, Issue 8: May 2011


Coach Scott Juniper's favorite sports flicks

Scott Juniper
Women's soccer head coach Scott Juniper
As women's soccer head coach, Scott Juniper has seen his share of high drama in the sports arena. In 2010, Juniper was named Big West Conference Coach of the Year after leading the Anteaters to their first NCAA tournament appearance. He guided UCI to the Sweet Sixteen before a nail-biting 1-0 loss in double overtime to the University of Washington. Given his familiarity with thrilling victories and the occasional sting of loss, it's no wonder Juniper loves a good sports movie. Here's "but a sample" of his favorites:
  • "Victory": Set in a Nazi prisoner-of-war camp, this 1981 epic features a soccer match between German soldiers and their prisoners. The genius is the way actors such as Sylvester Stallone play with real professional English soccer players making their movie debuts — including the legendary Bobby Moore and Pele.
  • "Running Brave": Brilliant tale of a Native American runner who is recruited to compete in college and battles to overcome his personal conflict between running for the pure thrill of it and running to please his coaches and represent his school. We try to get our UCI players to play for their own unique blend of motivators.
  • "Happy Gilmore": "Ninth green at 9"! Sandler = genius
  • "Pelada": UCI law student Luke Boughen and his girlfriend traveled the globe after graduating from Notre Dame to find pick-up soccer games.  They document the real heart and soul of our sport from the mountains of Peru and prison yards in Bolivia, to Iran, where they secretly played with women wearing hijabs.
  • "Miracle": "Again" — whistle. "Again" — whistle. Repeat. "Miracle" shows the obsessive nature of coaches at the highest level. True stories never fail to grab my attention, but add an underdog, Olympic Games and a "stick to your principles against the safety of common wisdom" message, and you have an all-time classic sports movie. Love it.
  • "Raging Bull": Robert De Niro at his best from the early days. Raw, explosive emotion.
  • "Kicking & Screaming": Will Ferrell could be funny just sitting in my office on the couch doing nothing, but fill him full of caffeine and have him play a youth soccer coach and — bingo! — an absolute classic movie. My players will tell you that I also drink a lot of coffee, so this movie always makes me laugh. 
  • "Rudy": I don't care what Murphy the barman at the Daily Grill says — this is a great sports movie. I have debated this with him a bunch of times, but Murphy doesn't like the story of a guy who "never really did anything special." Let it go, Murph! The kid lived in the groundsman's shed to get his shot!
  • "Mean Machine": Vinnie Jones is the greatest pro soccer player turned actor ever. As a prisoner in this movie, he's asked by his counselor if he's dangerous: "Only if you have the ball, miss!" If you ever saw this guy play for real, you would certainly be scared of him, and many were! 

Janda appointed physical sciences dean

Janda and student in lab
Kenneth C. Janda (left) and senior chemistry major Joel Rivera are working on a safe way to transport and handle volatile gases like methane.

Kenneth C. Janda, a chemistry professor at UCI since 1992, has been named dean of physical sciences. He researches experimental molecular physics and quantum mechanics, using molecular spectroscopy and quantum theory to understand how nonchemical interactions affect the structure and dynamics of chemical bonds in the gas phase, liquids and solids. Janda is an elected fellow of the American Physical Society, contributes in numerous capacities to professional organizations of his discipline, and oversees a vibrant research program. He has served as the school's interim dean since last November, and before that, as associate dean since 2008.

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Dosher elected to National Academy of Sciences

Barbara Dosher
Barbara Dosher

Barbara Dosher, social sciences dean and professor of cognitive sciences, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, an honor considered one of the highest in scientific research. She's one of 72 new members and 18 foreign associates being recognized by the prestigious academy this year for distinguished and continuing achievements in research. Also a fellow of the Society of Experimental Psychologists and the Association for Psychological Science, Dosher is known widely for her research on attention, perceptual learning and memory.

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Clayman named honorary fellow of Royal College of Surgeons

Dr. Ralph V. Clayman
Dr. Ralph V. Clayman

Dr. Ralph V. Clayman, dean of the School of Medicine and professor of urology, has received an honorary fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, which for more than 500 years has been dedicated to maintaining and promoting the highest standards of surgical practice. It's the top honor bestowed by the Scottish institute. Clayman founded UCI's Department of Urology in 2002 and is a prolific researcher and pioneer in minimally invasive techniques that have revolutionized kidney and upper urinary tract surgery and dramatically improved patient safety and outcomes.

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Student promoting religious tolerance wins Dalai Lama Scholarship

Armaan Rowther
Dalai Lama Scholar Armaan Rowther

A sophomore committed to interfaith dialogue and religious harmony has been awarded the 2011-12 XIV Dalai Lama Endowed Scholarship, established at UCI in 2004 to recognize students dedicated to ethical leadership, peace and positive global relations. Armaan Rowther will receive a $10,000 scholarship plus $2,500 to support a series of events intended to create a kinship of faiths among the UCI community and encourage coalition building between students and community members of varied faiths. "In times of such rising divisiveness and polarization in our country, I believe that the UCI campus community has the responsibility to lead by example in combating ignorance and building bridges of cooperation among religious groups in our region," Rowther said.

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Miller earns Panunzio Distinguished Emeriti Award

J. Hillis Miller
J. Hillis Miller

J. Hillis Miller, Distinguished Research Professor of comparative literature and professor emeritus of English, has been awarded the 2010-11 Constantine Panunzio Distinguished Emeriti Award. The honor is presented annually to one or more University of California distinguished emeriti for work of outstanding character in scholarship or other educational service. Miller's research interests include Victorian literature, modern English and American literature, comparative literature, and literary theory.

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Tomlins wins Bancroft Prize

Christopher Tomlins
Christopher Tomlins

Christopher Tomlins, Chancellor's Professor of law, has won the prestigious Bancroft Prize for his book Freedom Bound. The prize is awarded each year by Columbia University to authors of the best books on American history. Freedom Bound, also named one of The Atlantic's "20 Books of the Year," is a groundbreaking history of law and labor in early America, from its beginnings to the Civil War. Tomlins, a renowned legal historian, recently accepted the honor and delivered a lecture on "Republican Law, 1770-1830."

Kwon wins medical research grant

Young Jik Kwon
Young Jik Kwon

Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research recently announced its latest round of grants, totaling nearly $2.5 million, and among the recipients is Young Jik Kwon, UCI assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences, chemical engineering & materials science, and biomedical engineering. Kwon's research focuses on developing effective, safe and versatile means of cancer diagnosis and therapy by combining chemistry, biology and nanotechnology tools.