Volume IV, Issue 1: September 2011
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Zachary offers insights that are more than skin deep

Dr. Christopher Zachary
Dr. Christopher Zachary

Americans' obsession with physical appearance — and the popularity of plastic surgery — reveals a lot about our interior state, according to Dr. Christopher Zachary, UCI dermatology chair. He shed light on the insecurities and motivations behind cosmetic surgery in an Orange County Register article detailing the type of procedures people tend to get throughout their lives: "For the teenager reaching the age of majority, for the 20- to 39-year-olds finding a compatible mate and a job that they enjoy, for the 40- to 60-year-olds who can see their waning years approaching ... everyone wants to look their best," Zachary said. "Since better-looking people are rewarded — quite unfairly — by us all, is there any bewilderment as to why they might seek to optimize the odds of being looked upon favorably?"

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Zhou still keeping her cool on the ice

Karen Zhou spins on the ice
Karen Zhou

Figure skater Karen Zhou, 19, a business administration senior at UCI with dreams of competing in the 2014 Olympics, recently described the pressure of balancing her skating, schoolwork and internship at a Newport Beach investment firm on Golden Skate: "I have always told myself that when it isn't fun anymore, I will stop," Zhou said. "When I have a couple of days away from the rink, I miss it so much that I know that there is no way that I can stop now."

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Cohen Silver addresses 9/11's psychological fallout

Roxane Cohen Silver
Roxane Cohen Silver

Ten years after the Sept. 11 attacks, experts studying how mental health care providers responded to the tragedy have weighed in with their findings in a special issue of American Psychologistoverseen by Roxane Cohen Silver, professor of psychology & social behavior and medicine. The overall consensus:  There were plenty of missteps, and some therapists may have hurt more than helped victims, which has prompted changes in the profession. "You have to understand," Cohen Silver told The New York Times, "that before 9/11 we didn't have any good way to estimate the response to something like this other than — well, estimates" based on earthquakes and other disasters.

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From the 'ZotZine' in-box

"Your recent poll on whether to charge different rates at different campuses suggests by its wording that competition among schools is a bad thing. The lack of competition is exactly why the establishment education system at all levels is stagnant and decaying. It is no wonder the UC system is in such dire financial straits." Scott Steckley '77