Volume IV, Issue 3: November 2011
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Sounding off on the Occupy Wall Street movement

Politics of Protest book cover

The Occupy Wall Street movement occupied the thoughts of UCI faculty members; many weighed in on the protests with the media. Sociology professor David Meyer, author of The Politics of Protest: Social Movements in America, commented in The Washington Poston the tea party's effect on the Occupy Wall Street movement: "It's not something they're likely to claim credit for, but members of the tea party cleared the way for protesters on the other side of the political spectrum. The tea party demonstrated that protest works, even when government doesn't."

Fill 'er up — then go wash your hands

Hands being washed
Washing your hands — and keeping them away from your mouth — can help prevent illness after contact with a dirty gas pump or ATM.

A national study of germs recently revealed that gas pump handles topped the list of dirtiest, commonly touched surfaces, causing many to cringe each time they fill 'er up. In a KNBC interview, Linda Dickey, a nurse and infection control director at UC Irvine Medical Center, helped put the issue in perspective by pointing out that contact with germ-laden objects doesn't necessarily mean we'll get sick. "Our bodies are built to protect us," she said. "You have to have enough organisms that you come in contact with to even get sick in the first place. For every day, a little dirt won't hurt you." All the same, you better watch out when getting the mail or your money too — ATM machines and mailboxes also ranked high for contaminants.

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Will bullet train fly?

David Brownstone
David Brownstone

After high-speed rail officials announced that the estimated price tag for California's bullet train would double — to nearly $100 billion — skeptics and supporters lined up to argue whether the cost would derail the project. UCi economics professor David Brownstone fell into the former category: "I don't see where the financing is going to come from right now," he told the Los Angeles Times. "The only way to do that is to create some kind of revenue source, like a tax. I don't see the political will for that today." Brownstone, a transportation expert, has studied the bullet train's earlier ridership and revenue projections.

Poll results

Glasses of beer

Here's how you voted in the October ZotZine poll:

Should there be a beer garden in Aldrich Park?

  • Yes, if it serves craft beer and not the cheap stuff. 44 percent
  • No, it's a silly idea, and the campusfounders would be mortified. 24 percent
  • You just made up this question because YOU want a beer garden. 32 percent