Volume IV, Issue 9: June 2012


A graduate's lament: 'Five things I wish I did at UCI'

Julia McAlpine sitting in park
Picnicking in Aldrich Park is another thing alumna Julia McAlpine — an aspiring writer — wishes she'd done while attending UCI.

Before graduating in June, Julia McAlpine '12 looked back on the things she missed out on during her UCI years while pursuing bachelor's degrees in literary journalism and religious studies. Regrets, she had a few. Five, to be precise. "It's my last quarter at UCI, and I've suddenly realized I am a terrible excuse for an Anteater," McAlpine wrote in a New University article called "5 things I wish I did at UCI." "I planned to become a daring, adventurous coed in college, yet I've really only gone as far as to develop an affinity for milk tea. These are the top five things I regret not doing while at UCI." Here are excerpts:

1. Attending a sporting event: I thought I should shed light on my most shameful regret first. There's this thing called "school spirit" and I apparently did not cultivate this the way a normal college student should. I have not attended a single sporting event during my four years at UCI. Even Leonardo DiCaprio takes time out of his busy schedule to root for UCI baseball! And while Leo dons a supportive cap in public, I reserve my UCI sweatshirt for special occasions — the most hermit-like of laundry days.
2. Trying Korean barbeque: I know. To be fair, I had tacos from the Kogi truck once! But there really isn't an excuse for this. I think the fact that Korean BBQ is so prevalent on campus has had a reverse psychological effect on me.
3. Living in the dorms/participating in the Campuswide Honors Program: I wish I had lived in Middle Earth, and specifically that I'd participated in CHP and had spent my first year in the Shire. Why? Because living in "The Lord of the Rings"-themed housing gives you eternal nerdom bragging rights, and CHP gets the earliest enrollment windows (even more bragging rights to be had).
4. Making better use of the ARC facilities: Rock wall? Didn't climb it, even on women's night. I do think I avoided it mostly because the rock wall is at the very front of the ARC and my inability to Spiderman it on up would be showcased for all to see. But I should have faced my social fears. I also should have taken sailing lessons, Zumba, break-dancing and you know, worked out regularly (to make room for Korean BBQ).
5. Taking advantage of UCI's gorgeous SoCal location: I wish I'd gone to the beach more often, seeing as it's right there, and done something about my vampiress complexion. I could have become some cool surfing chick by now, but instead, I stayed in my cave of education. And spent too much time on YouTube.
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Provost accepts position as University of Oregon president

Photo of Michael Gottfredson
Michael R. Gottfredson

Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost Michael R. Gottfredson, widely credited for the ongoing improvement of campuswide academic and research quality in a challenging fiscal environment, has accepted the presidency of the University of Oregon. He will assume his new position on Aug. 1. "I'm happy for Mike as he pursues this next step in his career," said Michael Drake, UCI chancellor. "He has been an exemplary provost. During his years of leadership at UCI, the university has improved its already sterling academic reputation, built research centers considered the finest in their fields, and attracted the best and brightest students and faculty — despite onerous state budget cuts. I'm confident he will be an outstanding president. He'll be terrific at Oregon. We'll miss him, and we wish him the very best."

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Student Affairs' Sandra Jones makes '40 under 40' list

Sandra Jones headshot
Sandra Jones

Sandra Jones, executive director of student government, was named to OC Metro magazine's annual list of "40 under 40" people to watch in Orange County. Jones started The Dream Grant program, which funds innovative, student-led social change projects. Her doctoral dissertation centers on an ethnographic study of college student wellness. "I hope to work with colleges and universities across the nation to address health and wellness issues," she says. "I think we could avoid a lot of public health issues down the road if students developed healthier habits — fewer energy drinks and more sleep, for example — at this critical transition point."

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UCI psychiatrist honored for mood disorder work

Dr. William Bunney headshot
Dr. William Bunney

The Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum has presented Dr. William Bunney with its prestigious Pioneers in Psychopharmacology Award, bestowed annually upon three individuals who've made globally recognized contributions to the field's growth. Bunney, a Distinguished Professor of psychiatry & human behavior at UCI's School of Medicine, has furthered the understanding of mood disorders. His early research helped establish lithium's effectiveness in treating bipolar disorder, and his efforts led to official approval of the drug for the condition. Bunney also wrote a seminal paper on the neurotransmitter norepinephrine's pivotal role in depression.

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